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Google and Microsoft war began

A company Google unveiled a new Internet browser and which will be called Google Chrome in a surprise loud were not unexpected by analysts and employees after a week of issuance fees comic booklet about this browser is free, as a prelude to his release. The booklet contains a lot of information about the browser «groves», and mechanisms developed, and how to deal with him, along with his determination. Combines the new browser, which relies on open sources, among the characteristics «Firefox» of the company «Mozilla», and «Web Kate» of the company «Abel». According to information written on codes of participants in the development of the browser that «groves», which will be preliminary, or beta version, will be faster and easier to deal than any other browser, will also be more secure them. In addition, the project has developed new browser engine «Java» NEW easier to deal with «groves» and future programmes. The company Google that new products will provide an alternative faster and more reliable and stable for browsers on the scene at the moment. And enjoy the new browser groves of Google, which is available in the pilot version, a tool for managing and operating the processor to operate each window of the browser separately, in the event that one of the windows to defect as the other windows will not be affected as is Alammeralih with Internet Explorer. It also enjoys the new browser from Google tool to manage the intelligent functions, which enables users to watch any sites that consume the largest amount of memory, and relies on groves Release VIII of Java-capable browser engine and the new merged with him. Some analysts see that the browser is not new browser windows, but also includes new research, at the time pointed to the currency mechanism, which resembles the operating system to some extent. One advantage of the new browser other, comes the suggestion that provide automatic suggestions in carrying out search operations, as well as other pages that the user visited the famous sites. Ten years ago there was a speech «Google» just one error alphabetical computational ambiguous terminology that have not heard many people. But on 7 September 1998 chose two graduates of Stanford University, the American call to be a name for the company decided to set up a view to achieving the idea is simple to make Internet search easier and more accurate analysis of the linkages through special Web sites. What happened after that was the largest and fastest rise and growth process in the history of American companies to become (Google) and one of the higher profitability of American companies. Despite the success achieved by the legendary Google over 10 years ago today, it faces many challenges in order to maintain its growth rate. The company still relies on advertising revenues transmitted via Internet search engines, which represent about 90% of revenues. They also face accusations by opponents that they are abusing the dominant position in the world of Internet search engine and violate the privacy of information users of their services on the Internet. The market expects the production programme to review the web from Google years ago, but the company's Chief Executive Eric Caimidit chosen by Google founders Sergey Brin and two and Larry Page to be «President ripe» by the American media has postponed taking this step for years. Now the President is satisfied that the veteran is Google able to engage in battles where he deems the most serious set itself in direct confrontation with the largest developer of Microsoft software in the world. It also enjoys Crom also full text search feature to search the archives, which eliminates the need to add to the preferred location and so on, and when the user to open a new window will have nine pages of the latest and most visit by the user as well as sites that discuss them, and Enjoy the new browser user with multiple languages to be determined to download, including Arabic. Google announced that the new system will be ready for use in a hundred countries around the world and ignites competition with Anrnt Explorer used by 75 percent of the sailing site in the world. Google tried for years to benefit from the service provided by the search to attract new users especially advertisers programmes and prepared another way to link the network without paying enough as it permits use downloaded free of charge in the manner in which personal computers used by Microsoft. The company tried to Bill Gates in an attempt to respond to buy Google and Yahoo offered $ 47.5 billion dollars but did not succeed in this, and received the support of Google search site «Fier Fox» issued by the company «Mozilla», which now holds 10 percent of its quota In the market. Experts believe that Google has no guarantees about the success of «groves» because they are still not succeeded in gaining access to services provided by Yahoo and Microsoft and Time Warner, although the force «groves» lies in an interactive and dynamic method of use and its integration of the characteristics of the transition from television, radio and newspapers. «Improved World Wide Web day after day thanks to innovation and creativity tools» Nishat says Sander, Vice President of Products measure Google adds: »Google groves, is a means of navigation and new hope through his release to develop Internet services for the better».

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