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Barack Obama .. Audacity of hope

A mistake that the Democrats run away from the debate on values In his book «audacity of hope», participating candidate for the presidency of the American Democratic Party, Barack Obama reader ideas on how to deal with internal divisions of America, which calls for different type of politics and presents to increased economic instability in American families and ethnic and religious conflicts within political institutions and external risks that threaten States Nations from violence to epidemics. This came as Obama said in his book ideas to claim the American dream. End of a week tour in Illinois, I was sad because it is time to leave, not only because I have linked the ties of friendship with a number of whom I met, but the reason is that the faces of men and women who interviewed identified the parts of myself. I saw them opening a serious and good mother. Even chicken cones and the authority of potatoes, grapes, seemed familiar. Whenever I travelled in Illinois but I feel this millennium. I feel so when I sat in the western Chicago touch dinner. I feel that when watching a man to Latin plays football while Hailing him and encourages his family. I felt so when attending the fastest Indian in one of the northern suburbs of Chicago. I think we become almost one considerably. I do not want to exaggerate here, or that I am confident that the opinion poll, those who are wrong, and that our differences of ethnic, religious and regional and economic manner what is trivial and has no weight. In the state of Illinois, as is the case everywhere, abortion is something unacceptable. In other areas of jurisdiction, the mere talk of firearms control is a taboo. The positions of income tax to sex on television are very different from one place to another. I want to insist on that in Illinois and in America there is an ongoing cross-pollination, is not fully structured, but generally peaceful collision between peoples and cultures. Mixed identities and then seek new forms. Beliefs slip knots in the forecast. Prospects easy and simple explanations on the way to the end point. Spend some time in talking with the Americans and discovered that most evangelists are more tolerant than the media want us to believe. They are more secular and spiritual. The majority want the rich to the poor to succeed, and most of the poor, are at the same time, most critics for themselves and their aspirations higher than allowed by popular culture. All this raises the question: what are the fundamental values common to us Americans? Of course we do not think this way usually, the political culture focused on the clash of values. Following the 2004 election, for example, has been published opinion poll at the national level, arranged by interrogators «moral values» as identified by them to cast their ballots. Commentators on the results of this poll said that the social issues most controversial in the elections, particularly same-sex marriage, has spread to a number of other states. Published figures made conservatives convinced that they demonstrate the growing strength of the Christian right. When the analysis of these polls were subsequently found that commentators and analysts who had been exaggerated somewhat in what they said beforehand. In fact, voters believe that «national security» is the most important issue in the elections, nevertheless there is a large number of voters who believed that the «moral values» important factor had a role in selecting the person who voted him. The meaning «moral values» loose to the point that it can include anything, from abortion to corporate irregularities. Immediately afterwards some Democrats breathed a sigh of relief, as if it were dwindling factor «moral values» serves liberalism. As if talking about values is dangerous. I think it is wrong to run away from the Democrats debate on values. They are wrong extent by those conservatives who see these values as a way to the Democrats losing voters belonging to the working class from their base. The language of values is used by people to their world map. It is for them to do something, and the movement of their isolation. Opinion polls after the elections can be formulated bad, but the issue of common values, namely standards and principles that he believes most Americans are important in their lives and in the life of the country, should be at the heart of our policies. Must be the cornerstone of any meaningful dialogue about budgets, projects and policies.

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