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Barack Obama .. Audacity of hope

Barack Obama .. Audacity of hope Determined, race and intelligence person flying high, whatever the circumstances of his birth Translation: arrows Hula In his book «audacity of hope», participating candidate for the presidency of the American Democratic Party, Barack Obama reader ideas on how to deal with internal divisions of America, which calls for different type of politics and presents to increased economic instability in American families and ethnic and religious conflicts within political institutions and external risks that threaten States Nations from violence to epidemics. This came as Obama said in his book ideas to claim the American dream. «We believe that this obvious fact. That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by Khaliq rights are not the demise, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ». These words are simple point of departure Americans. It does not only describe the founding of our government but only the essence of our common border. Not every American could recited these words, only a few of them, if asked, he should know that it springs from the Declaration of Independence, which was rooted in the eighteenth century. But the basic idea behind this declaration is understood by all Americans, we are all born free in this world, and that each of us has a set of rights can not be taken from him by any person in any state without just cause. This idea is that guide us every day. In fact, the value of individual freedom is very solid for us to the degree we tend to account for granted. It is easy to forget that while it was the founding of our nation, this idea was radical in their implications, extremism Murals Martin Luther on the door of the church. The idea that it is still part of the world rejected. In fact, a large part of my admiration for the declaration of independence due to a childhood in Indonesia and the fact that he is still with my family in Kenya. It countries where the rights of individuals in the hands of army generals or corrupt bureaucracy. I still remember the first time with Michel went to Kenya, a few days before the marriage. African American, was Michel will explode from the joy and excitement, because the idea of her visit to the nearby ancestral continent, and has spent a great time to visit the country. Julie in the streets of Nairobi, have camping in the ringgit, and clashed with the fish on the island of Lamu. However, during our trip, I heard Michel also - I also heard during the first trip to Africa - from the terrible feeling that most Kenyans do not destiny. Having told her of his cousins how difficult finding work or special project in Kenya without paying bribes. Local activists have told us that he had been imprisoned because they expressed their opposition to government policies. I felt Michel suffocation caused by family ties and tribal loyalties. As uncles and aunts who come to a sudden without contact first. The return flight to Chicago, I recognized that it was Michel wants to return home at the earliest opportunity, and said to me: «I did not realize how American I am». They were not aware of how they are free. In the most basic level, we understand freedom negative way. As a general rule, we believe the right to be left alone, in love from interfering in our affairs, whether brother or larger neighbors Importuners. But we understand more positive sense of freedom. The idea of understanding in this opportunity and values that will help us achieve this opportunity, so they fabric of the virtues promoted by Benjamin Franklin, which remain loyal despite their generational succession. It values self-reliance, self-improvement and risk. It values of moderation and discipline and hard work. It values savings and personal responsibility. These values rooted in the rule of optimism about life and faith in free will, it is determined and confident that race and intelligence can be raised high, whatever the circumstances of our birth. These values also reflect the greater confidence that as long as men and women free to pursue their own interests, the society as a whole will be known, prospered. We have a system of self-rule and an economy based on free market, and rely on the majority of Americans as individuals and the amount of marriage to these values. The legitimacy of our government and our economy hostage to the extent to reward those values, for this the principle of equal opportunity and non-discrimination complement rather than adversely affect our freedom. If we individual Americans in our hearts, and if we reflexively annoyed by tribal loyalties, traditions, customs and communities, it would be wrong to consider that this is what we are. The shrimps were always require a set of community values which constitute a sort of glue that all societies depend upon sound.

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