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Condoleezza Rice: «there is another round of negotiations on the Sahara soon»

The American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that the United States of America looks forward to support United Nations efforts to find a solution to the Sahara conflict, and that there would be another round of negotiations soon to resolve the dispute, adding: «There are good ideas are on the negotiating table to move forward, and we will work in mediation , And wish to resolve this issue, which is the time to resolve them ». Rice said at the press meeting the day before yesterday, Sunday, Rabat, it will not talk about what will happen next in the U.S. government in dispute over the Sahara, adding: «everything can be said is that there is now a good opportunity to reach a solution. It is important that Morocco and Algeria to consensus, the Algerian relations - Moroccan very important ». And on the main issues discussed during the tour of the Arab Maghreb, Rice said she understood democratic and economic reform in the countries of the region, and to discuss ways of coordinating cooperation in the fight against terrorism and to listen to advice regarding the Palestinian - Israeli conflict. She described the American Secretary of State bilateral relations between the two countries as «it has always been strong and well, it is built on a solid base of the Convention on free trade and military cooperation, subsidies and financial assistance to Morocco», adding that «everyone was impressed with the reforms in Morocco, especially in the field of economy and the Status of Women ». For his part, said Tayeb Fassi Fihri, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, said that the talks with Rice, she did desire basically what is happening in the Maghreb, Algeria and Morocco relationship, and the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and issues of concern to stability in the region, especially the fight against international terrorism. He added Fihri, Morocco «hopes to achieve regional integration after the normalization of relations with its neighbor Algeria, to complete an integrated Maghreb Union», and there «great encouragement by the United States of America to reach this objective». Fihri said that «since King Mohammed VI's visit to Washington in 2002, got several very positive developments in bilateral relations between the two countries», recalling the successful negotiation of the bilateral free gift and the importance of the Millennium Challenge, which «came to encourage deep reforms led by Morocco».

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