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Barack Obama, candidate of social networks on the Internet

The question is whether the media are the election but what are the technologies that promote the victory of a candidate for the Democratic nomination to the USA. If one follows the path of Mr. Barack Obama since the beginning of the year, the answer falls for itself: this is no longer large machinery media, CNN, Time Warner or ABC, which would bring a decisive advantage in the presidential race to Democrat, but social networks on the Internet: Facebook, Myspace (Murdoch) and all participating sites or blogs. While major "networks" traditional media still have the advantage of addressing the entire population, since television is still the main source of political information for 90% of respondents, according to a recent study the University of Pennsylvania [1]. But 42% - 55% of young people under 30 years - are already politically informed via the Internet. And most importantly, audiovisual media are now widely compete in a highly sensitive area: the financing of the election campaign. This April 21 to 13 hours, Mr. Barack Obama is launching an initiative outside the common Internet address: it is to collect 1 million in 1 minute. Impossible? Last January, the man was able to exploit it to gather $ 32 million paid to 90% by donations of $ 100 via the Internet. In March, he still collects $ 40 million. Some have seen a remarkable illustration of the "long behind" dear to Chris Anderson, editor in chief of Wired: is not that the weight of accumulating large audiences through mass media, but also together the many small audiences who are spread so interminable on the Internet. Just compare the respective impacts Barack Obama of Mr. and Mrs. Hillary Clinton on Facebook. With 320 000 members of its network, the senator from Illinois will account sixty times more "friends" that his rival, with 5 300 affiliated with his group expanded. With 24 million viewings in one day in March, videos on Obama are three times more watched on YouTube than Hillary Clinton. Finally, it takes 161 000 members registered on Myspace in support of Obama against 43 000 to Clinton and 21 000 to John McCain, the Republican candidate. It does not need more to convince all the specialists of the American superiority in the line of Barack Obama. To the extent that its strategy on the Internet already refers to marketing experts who see the magic recipe to impose a challenger facing a brand leader. Rishad Tobaccowala, director of innovation Publicis for example, does not hide it inspires them to convince its customers that the era of the Internet, a candidate "analog" as Hillary Clinton would have much less chance success of a candidate truly "digital" as Obama. At first the initial advantage of the notoriety, recognition of the establishment, the natural support of the media (as evidenced by a recent interview on ABC led in particular by journalist George Stephanopoulos, former bureau chief of communications Bill Clinton). But the second would control virtual communities on the Web with the idea should be left to each group for a degree of autonomy so that it becomes virtuous on the Web [2]. "Barack Obama has the three things that you expect from a brand: it is new, attractive and different," said Keith Reinhard, chairman of DDB Worldwide, in an article published in April in the magazine Fast Company. "Obama achieves its best performance among young people, aged 18 to 29 years, that advertisers covet, the cohort known as the millennium generation - the Millennials - which exceed the number of babyboomers to 2010. They are black, white, yellow and various shades of brown, but what they share - new media, online social networks, a distaste for the sale of land at the highest or the lowest - connects more that traditional barriers such as ethnicity, not divide them [3]. " Let Keith Reinhard its conclusions on the resocialization that would allow social networks (the chances for a young disadvantaged out of the community are equally large sum through the Internet after a walk on a road). But note that the "performance" of Obama among young aficionados of the Web is not very surprising when we know that the candidate black enlisted the services of a co-founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes, 24 years to whom it must success of its site

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